Welcome to MOTTOsound

“Our mission is to provide professional audio services at a cost that makes sense in the modern audio industry. Our engineers have worked on albums featuring some of music’s best known recording artists — from Glen Campbell to Kacey Musgraves to Billy Ray Cyrus, Kirsty McGee to many others name only a few — and we bring the same tools and techniques to bear on whichever project crosses our desk.”

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About MOTTOsound

MOTTOsound is an award winning audio service, specialising in Mastering, Mixing and Audio Editing. Our engineers have freelanced in some of the world’s pre-eminent recording studios from time-to-time including; Abbey Road, Noble Street, Revolution Studios, to name but a few. We understand that in the modern record industry, Producers are often best served through primarily online services. Our primary goal is to counter the usual impersonality of such services, in fact, we do our very best to cultivate a meaningful and engaged aesthetic relationship with each and every client who trusts us to work on their art. We remain in touch throughout each stage of the creative process, whether we Master, Mix or Edit material, and we never close the book on a project until we are 100% certain that we have total client satisfaction with our work.

As our motto says — Your project is our project

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top-tier audio services at a cost that makes sense in the modern record industry.  Our engineers have worked on records featuring some of music’s best known recording artists and we bring the same tools and techniques to bear on whichever project crosses our desk.  

Contact us today – We’d love to hear about your project!

Meet Our Team

Russ Hepworth-Sawyer
Russ Hepworth-SawyerFounder, Mastering Engineer
Russ Hepworth-Sawyer, founder of MOTTOsound, is our chief mastering engineer with over two decades’ experience of all things audio. He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and former board member of the Music Producer’s Guild, where he helped form their Mastering Group. Russ has written for Pro Sound News Europe, Sound On Sound, Music Tech Magazine in addition to many books on mastering and music production for Focal Press. Russ also delivers lectures at many universities on the subject of audio and music production.
Dr. Jay 'Jedi' Hodgson
Dr. Jay 'Jedi' HodgsonMastering Engineer
In the last few years, Dr. Jay ‘Jedi’ Hodgson mixes and masters have twice been nominated for Juno Awards, topped Beatport’s global EDM charts, and he has scored films recognized by the likes of Rolling Stone Magazine, and which screened at the United Nations General Assembly. He was awarded a Governor General’s academic medal in 2006, primarily in recognition of his research on audio recording; and his second book, Understanding Records (2010), was recently acquired by the Reading Room of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Jackie Harvey
Jackie HarveyAdministration
Jackie Harvey keeps the operation going behind the scenes, making bookings and sending out the all important invoices.

A few words from our clients

Highly recommendable mastering studio. Your speed and communication has been great throughout all our projects together. Thank you!
John Davidson
Always a high quality service provided by MOTTOsound. Never just ‘another job’ and the attention to detail is second to none. Thanks again guys!
Dom Frazer
Very professional, friendly and always provide high quality products! Thank you for helping me with my mixes.
Emily Winters
I’d definitely recommend MOTTOsound for mastering work. They got onto it asap, and I liked how they gave me a breakdown of the track. As soon as I heard the mastered version I could hear a big difference; it sounded warmer, fuller and fatter. Really happy with the end result.
DJ Koncept (UK DMC Supremacy Champion 2018)
My engineer gave great suggestions and advice for my mixes and mastering for my new music. The masters sound clear, balanced and meaty! I highly recommend Mottosound for your next mastering project.
Jason Peters (Kong Fooey)
Yes! Many thanks to the crew at MOTTOsound for laying the finishing touches on my EP. Not only did the mastering add body and presence to the songs, but my engineers feedback along the way really helped in getting the mixes just right. Recommended!
Alan Ottesen
Invaluable. Simply invaluable. No matter how well I thought I was mixing my current project in all areas, from dynamics to frequencies etc, my engineer was not only able to spot errors, but also suggested great improvements in areas that already sounded good whilst remaining sympathetic to the genre. I cannot recommend MOTTOsound enough for Mix Advice.
Rico Garofalo
I’ve worked with the team at MOTTOsound since my award winning 2010 live album release No.5. When you’ve put your heart and soul into a project, you shouldn’t just put it into the hands of someone you found on an internet search result. My engineers professionalism, expertise and attention to detail is without a doubt what makes MOTTOsound the best choice for mastering your recordings. They have some of the best ears – and the safest hands – in the business.
Kirsty McGee
I rely on MOTTOsound to provide me with a prompt, professional and personal service. Motto is my first choice for mastering, mix advice and studio assistance. I have been impressed by the care they have taken over my recording projects, and by the polished sound of the final masters.
Kate Isaac (Legal Studios)
MOTTOsound is one of those rare sound houses who genuinely cares about the music. Working with them has been, and continues to be, an amazing experience and incredibly motivating. I learnt so much about myself as well as the technical side to sound, music and mixing. More than just a ‘cold mix, job done onto the next’, they cultivate the talent that they work with. I think it is very important to find and work with people who bring an energy to music, and that makes you have to up your game and inspires you to level up, and that is what I found working with MOTTOsound.
Sorom, BLKniche
I was creating the right environment, getting a great performance from the artists and capturing it nicely, but I was struggling to enhance it sufficiently in the mixing stage, sometimes wasting hours going full circle trying to get it to sound anything like my reference track. I needed to be able to do this quicker and better; I needed expert help.

I didn’t want someone to do it for me. I wanted someone who would help me to do it for myself; someone who would listen to what I’d done, knew exactly what was needed, and spoke the same language as me and my systems. That’s when I discovered MOTTOsound. Now my mixes are so much better, as is my knowledge of EQ, compression and general mixing techniques. It’s saved me hours and well worth the money!

Gary Hughes
I always choose MOTTOsound to Master my music and also music I produce for other artists.
I just trust them, in that they’ll give my projects the attention they deserve and apply their ‘dark art’ of mastering!
Christos Pappas (C-Drain)
Definitely recommend MOTTOsound! Very obliging, helpful, guiding service provided. Quality of service was excellent and the patience of the engineer was fantastic.
Luke GW