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Christmas Competition

MOTTOsound’s Christmas 2016 Competition:

Jay, Russ and Alastair ask for unsigned artists to submit their best unmastered track of 2016 to MOTTOsound’s Christmas Competition. The winner(s) will have their tracks mastered for free.

Some boring rules before we carry on…

the artist must be unsigned
the track must have been produced within 2016
the track must be unreleased and […]

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The Future of Mastering is Here – or is it?

What if the future of mastering is here…

I love technology. I love what the digital revolution has brought to me as an audio engineer. The things I can do today that I could not achieve during my early training is beyond mind blowing. I can repair audio easily. I can using some of my favourite […]

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Has Headphone-Gate (iPhone7) Finished yet?

As a consumer, I sometimes feel quite alienated by Apple’s total disregard for the norm. It was indeed the same with the relatively recent announcement of the iPhone7.

I should not have been surprised though. Apple produced a laptop with no CD Drive (I thought they were mad at the time). They produced a laptop with […]

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To Be Or Not To Be – That’s The Question Behind High Resolution Audio

MOTTOsound founder and mastering engineer Russ Hepworth-Sawyer questions, yet again, the argument for High Resolution Audio.

I met up with a good friend the other night. He’s a researcher and academic, but also is an exceptional musician and producer in his own right. He knows his bacon, some might say. We got to talking over a […]

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Mastering: More Than Just the Music

Once you’ve worked in the audio industry for a while and for whatever reason you’ve specialised, you start to see things, or rather should I say, hear things, with a new clarity. Music begins to sound different. Audio starts to look different. And to coin a well used Apple phrase you’ll start to ‘think different’ too.

So […]

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Welcome to the all new MOTTOsound website!

Welcome to the all new MOTTOsound website. If you’ve known of us before you’ll have known us as a British company working with artists globally and using as our home. Well as of today I’d like to think of MOTTOsound as a global collective serving a global client base. Much of my work over […]

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