Introductory “Learn Mastering” course

Our introductory course: “Learn Mastering” is taught by MOTTOsound’s Russ Hepworth-Sawyer and former Abbey Road Mastering Engineer Paul Baily.

This course is intended for those with experience in the studio or home studio that wish to learn a little about the ‘dark art’ of mastering. As a cohort of no more than eight students, using multiple set ups, you’ll be introduced to the history and context of mastering followed by an introduction to the tools of the trade. There are ample opportunities to master your music with the pros and take home some knowledge, a free course mug and a copy of Practical Mastering the book (pictured below).

Working with a large mix, we’ll explore the relationship this has with the mastering process, judging how to improve the sound at each stage to create consistent and professional sounding audio. Learn how to work with a mix engineer to coax a great outcome and produce a superb master.

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