Once you’ve worked in the audio industry for a while and for whatever reason you’ve specialised, you start to see things, or rather should I say, hear things, with a new clarity. Music begins to sound different. Audio starts to look different. And to coin a well used Apple phrase you’ll start to ‘think different’ too.

So what if we started to collect this ‘change’ in a wide cohort of engineers and professionals? MOTTOsound’s Jay Hodgson and I asked this very question through discussion. When did we start to listen differently, what changes did we notice and when? How have we used how we hear and what do we still need to learn? All these questions became very interesting.

So we embarked on an extra-curricular project to interview colleagues from around the globe on their work as mastering engineers. We’re pleased to say that we’ve had Taylor & Francis agree to publish our findings in a book due to be released in 2016. It is too early to announce the engineers we’ve interviewed, but we can divulge that we’ve got many of the greats! What they say is wonderfully insightful and enlightening. We hope you’ll enjoy it too, but long before the book is out we’ll be discussing the topics raised in this blog.

How do you listen?