Our Mastering Service

MOTTOsound began life as a Mastering House. Our Engineers have experience working in all genres — from Classical through Techno, to Rock and Country. It is our very top priority to keep you involved in every phase of the process.

Unlike some Mastering Houses, your voice is welcome in the Mastering process here at MOTTOsound. We never close the book on a project until we are 100% certain that we have total client satisfaction in our work.  

Mastering isn’t just our art, it’s our passion!

We are endlessly researching the process — from its historical inception to the most recent developments — and our books on Mastering have been published by, among others, Focal Press, Taylor & Francis, Bloomsbury, and Continuum.  See our shop section for examples of our work in this area, and to learn more about Mastering as an art form.

Contact us today for our rates and for further information.

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“MOTTOsound is one of those rare sound houses who genuinely cares about the music. Working with them has been, and continues to be, an amazing experience and incredibly motivating. I learnt so much about myself as well as the technical side to sound, music and mixing.

More than just a ‘cold mix, job done onto the next’, they cultivate the talent that they work with. I think it is very important to find and work with people who bring an energy to music, and that makes you have to up your game and inspires you to level up, and that is what I found working with MOTTOsound.”

– Sorom, BLKniche (Client)

How We Work

NOT all Mastering services are the same! We take time to fully understand your project, and we stay engaged with you and your work from beginning to end. Though we endeavour to give each project the full breadth of our experience and knowledge, we won’t impose our aesthetic on your art.  Mastering only ends with 100% client satisfaction at MOTTOsound.  We don’t charge by the hour, but by the project.

Simply send us your audio in whatever format you choose. We can work with most audio formats, but we’ll need some warning if the format is obscure. Better yet, send material via FTP, a transfer service like wetransfer.com, through our dropbox at Hightail.com, or whichever delivery method best suits you and your project.

We’ll keep in touch, send you parts of your mastered work and await your approval before finishing up the end product. For more information, please visit our Mastering FAQ.