Mixing & Advice Services

Mixing and mastering go hand-in-hand as the final phases of record production, yet each remains an art unique unto itself. They both require years of specialisation to perfect, and each requires a singular expertise which only increases through considerable time spent honing one’s craft.

Your production is an expression of your very soul. Don’t trust it to anyone who hasn’t done their due diligence and sacrificed their backs working in the fields to learn their craft.

MOTTOsound offers the following services relating to mixing:

Mix Advice – We listen to your work and send you a detailed list of suggestions to improve your mixes prior to mastering. This can be a process that can go through many iterations before you’re happy with your mix and can be technical and/or production related depending on the level of analysis you require. Please contact us to obtain more information.

Mix Assist – Some of our clients are exceptional producers, musicians and engineers in their own right. Sometimes they just want us to take their mixes (already well established) to the next level prior to mastering. In this eventuality, they send us their DAW audio files and we work with our clients (not in isolation) on their mixes to get them how they want them to sound prior to mastering. Given the in depth nature of this task it’s best to contact us to obtain more information and a quote.

Mixed by MOTTOsound – Founder, Russ Hepworth-Sawyer often gets asked to mix client’s work either from back in the day, but also for new clients. We also have our dedicated mix engineer Alastair in Canada, who’d be very pleased to get mixing on your project. Given the detail involved in this, please contact us to obtain more information and a quote.

We are happy to accept full mix sessions, stem mixes as well as offer audio editing services. Anything from timing and quantizing instruments to tuning vocals. Our engineer’s work on editing and mixing can be heard on records by the likes of Rush, Three Days Grace, The New Pornographers, The Barenaked Ladies, and many other household names. 

At MOTTOsound, getting input and keeping you involved is critical to the mixing process, ensuring we achieve the goal you have set out for your projects. We want to hear your ideas! Our engineers will contact you directly, and schedule a time to discuss your aesthetic goals and priorities for each project, so we are certain to produce the mix you hear in your head. Your project is our project, and we won’t stop working until we’re sure you’re happy with the results!

Contact us today for rates and more information.

mottosound mixing

MOTTOsound provides its clients with a valuable second pair of ears.

“I was creating the right environment, getting a great performance from the artists and capturing it nicely, but I was struggling to enhance it sufficiently in the mixing stage, sometimes wasting hours going full circle trying to get it to sound anything like my reference track. I needed to be able to do this quicker and better; I needed expert help.

I didn’t want someone to do it for me. I wanted someone who would help me to do it for myself; someone who would listen to what I’d done, knew exactly what was needed, and spoke the same language as me and my systems. That’s when I discovered MOTTOsound. Now my mixes are so much better, as is my knowledge of EQ, compression and general mixing techniques. It’s saved me hours and well worth the money!”

– Gary Hughes (Client)




Preparation Advice for MOTTOsound Mixing

When sending sessions to us at MOTTOsound, we suggest that you print any processing you are doing in the session that you feel is integral to the song, as well as leaving the unprocessed original.

Double check any editing you did throughout the production, and consolidating everything neatly to the top of the session.

Please include a rough mix of the song in the session, and any examples you feel are necessary, as this will provide a guide to what you think it should sound like.

Providing all of this will speed up the whole mixing process.