Welcome to the all new MOTTOsound website. If you’ve known of us before you’ll have known us as a British company working with artists globally and using mottosound.co.uk as our home. Well as of today I’d like to think of MOTTOsound as a global collective serving a global client base. Much of my work over the years has been with artists from all over the place from Greece, Australia, America and even Canada. A number of years ago, I started collaborating with a mastering engineer over in Canada and we’ve arrived at the point where we’d like to join forces and as such MOTTOsound.com has been born. As such, I’d like to welcome Jay Hodgson and Alastair Sims to the MOTTOsound family who will be adding mastering and mixing to the list of services we have. I hope you enjoy looking at the previous to see what they’re all about.

The world is changing, and recording has become democratised. The process is accessible to anyone with a computer and the software. We understand this and what we have to offer is the skills you may feel you need help with. So don’t just think of us as a mix or mastering house. Think of us as your advisers, helpers or consultants. Ask us a question and we can help your music get sounding the next level. Not everything we do is strictly mixing or mastering. Al will happily edit away to make sure a performance is rock solid, if you want to then mix it yourself. Jay would happily get your dance or EDM track ready for release too on whatever format. Just contact us and ask.

Our Project is Your Project.