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Mastering is in our blood.

Working from either a stereo file or mix stems (Stem Mastering), we (a human!) will ensure that your mixes come alive, sit together on your playlist, CD or record, whilst representing your artistry accurately. We'll chat to you, get to know you and your music, your goals and how we might be able to help. Just get in touch!


See some examples of our mastered work below. Artists and labels come to trust MOTTOsound with work such as Han Solo's seminal 'album1', Alexz Johnson's last two albums through to remasters and compilations of legendary artists such as Billy Ray Cyrus, Glen Campbell.

We're dedicated to making audio #AudioAsItShouldBe, and it will be mastered by a human that can talk to you and discuss your work with you - much more than a robot can do!


For costs and the best way to move forward with your mastering is to contact us

info @ or +44 (0) 113 815 3001

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