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Do you...

  • Want a second opinion on your mix?

  • Want to know if there's anything more you can do to enhance your mix before mastering?

  • Want someone else to just enjoy the music you're making?


Well send it along and we'll be happy to chat to you about it.


About our mix advice

Mixing and mastering go hand-in-hand as the final phases of record production, yet each remains an art unique unto itself. They both require years of specialisation to perfect, and each requires a singular expertise which only increases through considerable time spent honing one’s craft. Your production is an expression of your very soul. Don’t trust it to anyone who hasn’t done their due diligence and sacrificed their backs working in the fields to learn their craft.


£20 for the first track

£10 for each additional track received at the same time

FREE to full mastering clients


MOTTOsound offers

Mix Advice Consultancy


We listen to your work and send you a detailed list of suggestions to improve your mixes prior to mastering. This can be a process that can go through many iterations before you’re happy with your mix and can be technical and/or production related depending on the level of analysis you require. Please contact us to obtain more information.

Mix Advice

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