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A better mix starts with better acoustics - make an improvement now...

In a previous life, I wrote the odd article for Sound On Sound, Music Tech and mostly Pro Sound News Europe (remember that!). Sadly never managed to write for Resolution though... Those people are really good!

Our clients are not all record labels and major studios. In fact so many of our clients are producers, lockdown-aside, choose to work from home to reduce the overheads and to maximise on the investment they can make in their equipment.

As we start working with our clients during Mix Advice, we note there are recurring problems in the bass in their mixes or in other pertinent areas. Once we disuss, we note the acoustic issues they might be facing in their rooms.

Whilst MOTTOsound are not professional acousticians (we do know some if you want that connection), we do know a bit or two about standard studio room issues. In fact, Music Tech magazine asked me many years ago to write a bit of a DIY guide - check it out here


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