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What is a UPC/EAN and how do I get one ( a barcode to you and me)

Whilst we’d like to obtain barcodes for our client, it's not advisable. Ideally you may wish to factor time for this in. The barcode associations would prefer we did not do this on your behalf.

To get your own Barcode, please visit who are the main authority in the UK, although other options are available with a quick internet search. Be sure you're asking for a barcode for your music, and not a range of pasta selections you're hoping to make. The latter barcode band might cost considerably more.

Obtaining barcodes can take a little time, so we would suggest that you get in touch with GS1UK as soon as possible at the start of the mastering project so that the code is ready for when create your CD image.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.

Barcode on Compact Disc
Hoe to get a Barcode on CD (Compact Disc)

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