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What is an ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) and how do I get one?

ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code and is a way by which each released song is given a unique identifier. This unique identifier is a string of numbers embedded into your CD. The idea is that as songs are played on the radio etc. the ISRC codes can be logged and any royalties can be collected for that song automatically. At the mastering stage of the production process, we encode these ISRC’s into Broadcast WAV files and CD masters alongside the UPC/EAN Barcode (for the latter).

An ISRC contains a country code (UK these days) and then a registrant code which can be you, or your label. Next is the year of release, then a five digit code for the designation that your particular track is assigned to.

Getting ISRC codes (UK)

This is not a service we can provide as this is managed internationally and operated nationally by appointed operators. For the UK this is PPL. To obtain your ISRC codes, please go to PPL’s ISRC website – . They will ask you to provide them with certain bits of information… Once you have the producer code part of the ISRC please pass that to us.

Obtaining your codes does not usually take a great deal of time to obtain and are free to the user. It would be best to be prepared and consider these at the beginning of the mastering so they can be ready when we complete you streaming files (Broadcast wavs) or your CD image for you. PPL will make you aware of your obligations as the owner of these recordings and ISRC codes

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