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We're very grateful for our clients who say nice things about us. We've shared them here for you to read. 

"MOTTOsound helps artists progress"

“I was introduced to Russ through a mutual friend at Karousel. I needed someone to master a couple of tracks for me and Russ came highly recommended, and I can see why. Not only did he master the tracks to an incredible standard, he also went back and forth with me over the mix of the songs and helped tweak things here and there to get the song sounding as good as it could ready for mastering. This was complimentary and he didn’t have to do it. It really helped and I learned a lot in the process. I’ve come out with two stunning sounding songs and a better set of ears too. Thanks Russ!.” - Ryan Burnett, songwriter and artist, UK

"Russ is an absolute authority on mastering, has published books on the subject and did a fantastic job on my third album a few years ago and working with shared clients since. He offers a level of care towards the songs that I've

never seen from a mastering engineer before so I strongly recommend him. He literally raises songs to the next level with his advice final touches" - Arron Storey, songwriter and musician, France

"I’ve worked with Russ at MOTTOsound since my award winning 2010 live album release No.5. When you’ve put your heart and soul into a project, you shouldn’t just put it into the hands of just anyone. Russ' professionalism, expertise and attention to detail is without a doubt what makes MOTTOsound the best choice for mastering your recordings. They have some of the best ears – and the safest hands – in the business." - Kirsty McGee,  artist & songwriter

"Many thanks to the crew at MOTTOsound for laying the finishing touches on my several EPs. Not only does the mastering add body and presence to the songs, but my engineers feedback along the way really helped in getting the mixes just right. Recommended!" - Alan Ottesen, musician, Norway

"Invaluable. Simply invaluable. No matter how well I thought I was mixing my current project in all areas, from dynamics to frequencies etc, Russ was not only able to spot errors, but also suggested great improvements in areas that already sounded good whilst remaining sympathetic to the genre. I cannot recommend MOTTOsound enough for Mix Advice and Mastering" - Rico Garofalo (LaSperanza), musician, producer, artist, UK

"If you want to unleash the potential of your music, breathe new life into a project, and hear it sound better than you ever thought it could, then you need to work with Russ. He truly is a master of his craft and a force to be reckoned with. The amount of care he put into my album was unbelievable, and is audible when I listen back to it! The way he’s able to polish and refine, whilst preserving the original spark of an idea is truly an art form. Thank you Russ!" - Max Imbornone, UK

"MOTTOsound have delivered once again. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Russ last year by a good friend of mine. Russ fully realised my debut solo piano EP. He took the project from being my first body of recorded works, to the sonic musical journey that I had hoped it would become. It hasn't crossed my mind to use anyone else's services since. The pre-mastering mix advice I received for a more recent project was detailed, inspiring and educational. It is no wonder at all that Russ has published several books on the subject. A* service." - Stefanos Andreas, composer, producer, artist. UK"

"You have been so helpful and I think MOTTO are the cream of the crop of what you do . You're my go to mastering guys! Thank you for everything!!!" - Sonia Titus,  Singer-Songwriter

I found Russ at MOTTOsound via the hugely respected Karousel, and what a find he is. I was able to explain my requirements and most importantly have them heard and understood - not always the norm! He was patient, sensitive to the music and explained his process with clarity. The outcome has far exceeded my expectations and the songs now sound crisp, warm and alive. I’ll certainly be turning to him for mix advice next time too. Highly recommended. Lou Palmer, songwriter and artist, London

"These guys were by far the most efficient and knowledgeable mastering service I have used. I highly recommend MOTTOSound” - Tania Woodcock, Wixen Music UK

“I recommend Russ at MOTTOsound without hesitation. In the space of a short Skype call he gave me crucial mix advice, blowing away some of my old mix habits that were slowing me down and gave me the confidence to judge my mix with more critical ears.  Then, of course, his mastering work on the track was ideal for the style and done with musicality and sensitivity.  All in all, a pleasure from kick off to final whistle!" - Ewan Cowley, Producer.  Dublin, Ireland

MOTTOsound really took time to understand what we were trying to achieve with our recording and to ensure the mastering was sympathetic to our artistic choices. They were patient and explained things to me in a way I could understand. A first class highly professional mastering service. I love the results" - Matt Hill, artist and Quiet Loner Records, UK

"I’ve just finished my first mastering project with Russ; and it was a real pleasure to work with him. He immediately made me feel comfortable sharing my ideas and vision for the finished product, and made invaluable, helpful mix suggestions to allow me to get there. It’s so important to get the human touch when handing your work over for mastering, and I couldn’t be happier with the ease of working with Russ, or the finished product. I’m looking forward to the next project!" - Robby Stone

"I can highly recommend to go through the mix advice process because Russ and Jay precisely suggested small changes while still preserving the musical idea of the mix. They are very fast in replying, always polite, and they take the time to go through iterations of suggesting changes and re-listening. The mastering then took my song to the next level and made it release-ready really." - Shari Sophie, singer-songwriter, producer and artist, Germany

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